October 24, 2014

Cozy Friday love.

You know those days where you're just exhausted and would give just about anything to escape to a cabin in the woods? I could use a wood stove, and cozy blankets and a good book and a hot cup of tea right about now. At least it's the weekend, and we're leaving in just a couple of days! One more day of work! Woop! I've been in holiday mode for like a week. Ha. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!
This. This right here. Is all I want.

I wanna sit in my sweatpants and eat a whole lot of these.

In my dream cabin situation, this fireplace would exist.

This (sold out) teapot is just perfection. 

You can't be at a cabin without cozy things like these incredible scarves that my friend Christie makes. You can follow her along on Instagram for now. 
Photo by Nikaela Peters, and the babe model is our friend Janessa Brunet! 
I got to participate in a trunk sale last night with Jill of Tony Chestnut and Christie, the amazing scarf maker and had such a nice time! I am so proud of all these amazing women in our city.

October 23, 2014

5 Reasons why we are excited to get outta town!

Our bags are (somewhat) packed and we are only four days away from leaving! Woo woo! Now the excitement is really starting to grow because we are officially in the home stretch! We only have a few more days of work left and then we get to say goodbye to Winnipeg and say a big hello to beautiful Bangkok!

Here are a few things that we are most looking forward to do when we arrive on the other side of the world:

1. Catching up on reading.
Saying that this year has been hectic would be the biggest understatement. Words cannot describe how excited we are to get out of town and just relax and reboot. We both have a stack of books that we can't wait to dive into the second we get on the plane!

2. Soaking up some much-needed rays.
Did we blink and totally miss summer? I think so! We are more than ready to get our sweat on in the humid Thai heat!

3. Shopping!
So much yes!! I cannot wait to navigate the narrow hallways at the Chatuchak Market in search of the perfect new piece (or two... or three...) to add to my wardrobe.

4. Eating delicious food
Mmm... spicy curry dishes! Fresh fruit shakes! Chang beer! Street pad thai! Doner kebabs! The list goes on and on and my mouth is watering as I type this...

5. Exploring new places and visiting old favorites.
Ah, Khao San Road, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?! We cannot wait to walk these crowded streets again! Also, since we aren't venturing out of Bangkok on this trip we will have plenty of time to explore new areas that we haven't been before, so if you have any suggestions of must-see places please let us know!


October 22, 2014

Take a seat.

It is no secret that we are not scared of a little splash of color, especially when it comes to our furniture. We are especially suckers for brightly colored couches and chairs, and as soon as we laid eyes on these beauties it was love at first sight! I mean come on, how amazing are these candy-colored seats?!

This is exactly what I would want to do on this over-stuffed orange sofa! Also, I'm really loving the arrangement of prints on the wall.

How adorable is this teak 1960's telephone seat? If only it was still available.. *sigh*

Such a gorgeous pink fabric! You really don't see pink couches often enough.

Gah! My favorite color! Dreams do come true.

These beautiful Scandinavian chairs were found on a cute home tour via Design Sponge. Interested in seeing more? Well good news, because you can right here.


October 21, 2014

Down in the dumps.

Hey guys, whoa sorry for the complete radio silence over here! It always feels like just as things are starting to settle down, something crazy happens. It's been that kind of week. We're sorry to abandon ship, our heads are too full to bust out a blog post. It would be easy to post some random post just for the sake of it, but our hearts wouldn't really be in it, and you wonderful readers deserve more than that. Not to worry though, we are going on our trip to Thailand next week and are going to relax and regroup. We're excited to share photos and updates with you guys, and then once we return, things are going to change around here. Until then, we're probably going to be a little M.I.A, but please bear with us!

Normally I'm fully packed approximately 3 weeks before I leave, but I've left things a little to the last minute this time around. Good thing is, there's not really much to bring!

On the bright side, I did have time to thrift a few gems.

I feel like these last two photos really sum up my last few weeks.

XO, Erin